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  • tangerine-man

    Tangerine Man

    If you approach smoking weed like it was gambling, a vape pen is the slot machine, the seemingly endless dispensing of dopamine at the press of a butt...

  • blueberry-dream

    Blueberry Dream

    For myriad reasons, I try never to judge a bud ’til I puff her, an odd and seemingly forced adage that I coined when I smoked Cali outdoor for the f...

  • glass-slipper

    Glass Slipper

    If, after 14 years of living in Colorado I finally had to go on my first hike, I felt required to do so under the influence of pot. I’ve never bough...



The HempBox is something I’m incredibly proud of. We spread the message of the efficacy of hemp through a unique marketing tool aimed at helping small hemp businesses.